Buy Online Earl - Tongue Tied Heavyweight Vinyl (with Gatefold Sleeve) (Signed)


Tongue Tied Heavyweight Vinyl (with Gatefold Sleeve) (Signed)

Heavyweight LP $24.99

Release Date: 28/07/2017

Discs: 1

Anchorage, Alaska born singer and songwriter Earl grew up living in a gas station and singing gospel in her local church choir. As a Jazz obsessive since the age of 7, any free time was spent listening to the crackling of classic Duke Ellington and Josephine Baker on her father’s old record player.With a personal journey that could easily have been made up by a Hollywood screenwriter, Earl’s incredibly colourful formative years have, by her own admission, shaped her creative streak to this day. Following moves to various cities searching for ‘that’ sound, and a what turned out to be fortuitous, almost life ending encounter with a speeding van. Earl now resides in North London and is fulfilling her lifelong musical ambition to perform her own inventive brand of Jazz with her brand-new album, collaborating with an enviable array of talent including Paloma Faith and Basement Jaxx as well as the remarkable New Orleans Preservation Jazz Hall Band. Stand out moments include the Radio 2 play listed tracks I Love You and Tongue Tied plus her unique cover of Drake’s One Dance.

Side A

1. Tongue Tied
2. All That Glitters
3. Baddabing Baddaboom
4. Travelling Heart
5. Smoke Rings
6. Since You Kissed Me

Side B

1. I Love You
2. Lazy Man
3. In Love and War
4. Play With Fire
5. Strange Heart
6. One Dance